About me

Hello and welcome to ForexBrokersList.co.za! You may have already noticed that this website is mostly focused on delivering quality financial education to South African readers. Here you will be able to find a plethora of educational material to kick-start your financial career, or if you’ve already started it, support it with extra knowledge. You won’t only see 1 type of financial industry here, although I tend to focus on Forex in most cases. Let’s break down all of the information you will receive on this website.

Forexbrokerslist.co.zaWhat it is about

ForexBrokersList believes that every single person in South Africa is entitled to financial education free of charge, and that is exactly what you will be getting here. Furthermore, I understand that finance contains some strong language, therefore I focus on simplifying it as much as possible. The website also categorizes all of the content accordingly in order to make your experience a lot more enjoyable. Here are the things you’ll learn here.



The best Forex brokerChoose the perfect broker

ForexBrokersList provides unbiased reviews of mainly Forex brokerages that operate within South Africa. Given the fact that SA is an emerging country in terms of financial industries, many brokers have been flocking to it. Therefore a future trader needs to know what to expect from a brokerage and which ones to avoid. You can also see guides on reviewing the broker yourself and later compare it to my review here on the website.




Forex educationLearn about the industry

I call it the “Starter Pack” which contains pretty much all of the information a beginner needs to have. Not only will the information be about Forex, but also cryptocurrencies as they have been on the rise in the country.

Furthermore, there are numerous guides to help beginners understand the service they receive in both a trader’s perspective and a lawyer’s perspective.



newsDeliver the most quality news

Since ForexBrokersList is primarily a South African financial website, the news will be respectively about South African finance. This will be an amazing opportunity for the reader to filter the financial news on various other sources and receive only the most relevant ones. Not only will the news contain updates about the economy or the present state of affairs, but also expert analysis and predictions based on that update.



have funHave some fun while you’re at it

ForexBrokersList believes that there is nothing more fun than education. It might not be essential information for the readers but ultimately formulate into quick-reads on weekends just to find out more about interesting facts, primarily about South Africa in general. Naturally, they will also be related to finance.

So there you have it. Opinions, Education, Guides, News, and Fun are the 5 magic words of ForexBrokersList.co.za.