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Being a Forex broker is no easy task, and starting off can be especially challenging, with a lack of necessary resources for traders such yourself to gain the necessary knowledge to be successful.

This was one of the reasons why I have decided to create this website to share my experience with you and help you attain your goals.

Do you have any questions for me? Or would you like to make a suggestion? I am always happy to hear back from my readers, so you can get back to me through the contact form below.

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    What options there are

    There is a number of options to choose from to advertise your services on, to make sure that traders from all over Africa have a chance to see your brokerage and get a chance to work with you.

    Forex Broker ListingBrokers Lists

    First and perhaps foremost, the main purpose of this website is to provide traders with detailed lists of Forex brokers to choose from, ranked in accordance with their performance on the market. A number of options are available in terms of the listing, with an overall listing table, with the best Forex brokers being present on the homepage, as well as dedicated country pages with specific lists being available there.

    Forex Broker Review

    Broker Reviews

    The main driving force of this platform, providing readers with detailed, objective, and insightful reviews of Forex brokerages that they can work with. With many brokers utilizing illegal methods to scam inexperienced traders, my readers have come to rely on my reviews, to make the decision on which brokerages they should sign up for, and which ones they should stay away from at all costs.

    Forex Bonus PromotionBonus Promotions

    It is well known, that one of the best ways to sway an undecided trader to sign up with you is to entice him with a bonus promotion. With hundreds of promotions available on the market, I have taken upon myself to review and catalog all ongoing deposit and no-deposit bonus promotions, so that my readers have a clear idea of what they are signing up for, and which deals stand out from the crowd.

    Contact Me

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