Best 10 Movies About Stocks to Watch

The cruel backstage world of millionaires and big money, dizzying ups and downs – a world where enrichment and ruin occur daily against the backdrop of human dramas and global crises. Our selection contains the most interesting foreign films about traders, the stock exchange and Wall Street.

Gukgabudoeui nal

In the summer of 1997, South Korea was on the verge of an economic crisis caused by the depreciation of the national currency. Instead of warning citizens about the coming crisis, the government is trying to enlist the help of the West. Investors decided to cash in on the misfortune, and the inhabitants of yesterday’s prosperous country faced unemployment and bankruptcy. The honest historical drama about finance and the stock exchange became the leader of the box office in South Korea in the first week, and the number of viewers exceeded one million people.

The Wizard of Lies

Based on real events, the film about investments and finances revolves around the most notorious scam in recent years in America. Broker Bernard Madoff admits to his sons that his entire company is one big lie, a cover for a financial pyramid. The swindler on the denunciation of children is arrested, followed by a high-profile lawsuit, revelations, the anger of deceived investors and business partners. Madoff who could not stop faces a maximum prison term of 150 years.

A Family Man

An experienced employee of an elite recruitment agency Dane Jenson is a real predator. He is not too picky about the means to achieve his goals: unfair competition and slander are common methods in the business where human resources become a commodity. He cannot be called an exemplary family man, especially when a long-awaited promotion is at stake. But in the struggle for the director’s position, fragile family happiness can become a bargaining chip. Career or family – what is really important to him? The cynical headhunter will have to make a choice.

Money Monster

The protagonist of the tense psychological thriller, Lee Gates, is a charming TV presenter and “Wizard of Wall Street” who gives advice to viewers on financial transactions on the stock exchange. But during a live broadcast, an unknown person bursts into the studio with a gun and explosives. A desperate terrorist has come to find out the truth about the shady deal in which he lost the last of his money and punish those responsible.


The Big Short

Financial analyst Michael Berry predicts that the huge US mortgage bubble will soon burst, plunging America and the rest of the world into a financial crisis. And he decides to make money on the stock exchange by betting on a decrease in the market. Following him, several Wall Street financiers make similar predictions. A drama based on real events is one of the best films about stocks, stock exchanges and finance. The picture has five Oscar nominations, a high rating and positive reviews.


The bold Irish drama asks the question of what a man is ready to do when he is driven to despair. Vernon Stynes, a former employee of a bankrupt trading company, after a series of unsuccessful startups, decides on a risky criminal adventure. Together with a former colleague and a bankrupt trader, he organizes a business where the subject of bargaining is not securities or real estate, but human life.

The Wolf of Wall Street

One of the best modern films about financial fraud on the stock exchange, based on the biography of the infamous speculator Jordan Belfort. The assertive and charismatic stockbroker Belfort, at 26, has already earned $49 million from manipulating cheap stocks. He opens his own firm and becomes a business shark, getting into a crazy maelstrom of adrenaline scams, fabulous money, drugs, cheating and orgies.

Le Capital

An ambitious bank manager and favorite of the chief, Marc Tourneuil, is appointed head of an international bank in place of a retired director. Not wanting to obey the board of directors, the hero decided to take the reins of government into his own hands. He quickly steps into the role, managing the finances and laying off thousands of employees to please American shareholders. The applicant for sole power collects compromising information on former friends, weaves risky intrigues and suspects conspiracies everywhere.

Ma part du gâteau

The top best films about economics and finance continue with a comedy-drama about an unemployed mother of many children from Dunkirk. France goes to work in Paris and gets a job as a housekeeper for a successful broker. A woman takes a liking to her employer, but suddenly learns that he and his colleagues have closed the factory where she worked and ruined her life. And now a cruel plan of revenge is ripening in her head.


Margin Call

Several analysts at the bankrupt investment bank found that the USA would soon face an imminent crisis. The collapse of the stock market can be their salvation and disaster for millions of ordinary citizens. In one night, they have to make the most difficult decision of their lives. A tense psychological drama with an interesting plot, nominated for an Oscar, does not let go until the very end, heating up the situation to the limit.


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