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Today, modern services are almost impossible to imagine without promotions. It has become the number one priority for firms to retain their customer base since the competition in literally any field is extremely high. The Forex market is one of the largest and most competitive sectors within the financial industry. No wonder why more and more brokers register around the world and begin to provide top-quality services to traders with every background. The promotional campaigns within the Forex industry vary greatly, but still, the bonus schemes remain dominant on the market.

Tickmill Forex broker is one of the industry-leading brokerage firms with over 15 awards and regulations within five different jurisdictions. There are some 350,000 live accounts registered with the broker. The history of Tickmill dates back to 2014 when the Tickmill Group was established. Tickmill Group unites five different brokerage firms under the same brand name. All of the brokerage companies are highly successful and maintain a large base of loyal customers.

Tickmill provides an extensive promotional portfolio both for existing traders of the broker and the new registering users. Among the broker’s reward campaigns, the most notable is the no deposit bonus of 30 USD.

Tickmill 30 USD welcome bonus

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Most of the welcome bonuses serve as an encouragement for the visitors on the broker’s website to register a live trading account. However, more frequently, we encounter the types of bonuses that require a deposit from the client’s side. Tickmill’s 30 USD welcome bonus, however, is a no deposit bonus, meaning that the broker does not require an initial deposit from its customers. Furthermore, there are no hidden terms and conditions that complicate getting the bonus.

The users simply have to open a live welcome account with the broker through the registration form. After the verification procedure, they are entitled to receive free Forex money for trading purposes. What it means is that, even though bonus money completely belongs to the traders, it cannot be withdrawn without trading. It is not surprising, since the broker is not carrying out a charity event, but is rather encouraging customers to enter the world of trading risk-free in the beginning.

Free bonus money allows traders to enter trades without risking their own financial resources at first. If they lose the bonus money while trading they are not liable for the results. On the other hand, if they generate any amount of money through trading with the bonus money, all the profits can be retained by the clients. The profits belong to the traders and can be withdrawn at any point.

What is Welcome Account

Welcome Account is a separate account created for the new users only. The account is only for the purposes of receiving the Tickmill welcome bonus on it. The clients cannot deposit on this account. The welcome account resembles the Pro account of the broker in terms of the trading conditions applicable to it. The welcome account will be closed as soon as the trader transfers profits to his or her live trading account. Traders can only have one welcome account and existing clients cannot open it under any condition. The account is accessible in USD currency only.

The registration for the welcome account happens separately. On the dedicated page of the promotion, clients have to fill in the registration form and as soon as the application gets approved, the account is created automatically. The credentials of the user will be sent to the email address. Therefore, make sure that you input the correct and valid email address. The login details provided can only be used to create a Welcome account. It does not allow accessing the Client Area, where real trading accounts are located.

Terms and Conditions of the Bonus

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The eligibility criteria of the participants within the promotion are decided on a residence basis. The residents from the following countries are not eligible for the promotional program: Algeria, Armenia, Australia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bulgaria, Columbia, Georgia, Hong Kong, Iceland, Israel, Kazakhstan, Lebanon, Liechtenstein, Macau, Moldova, Morocco, Norway, State of Palestine, Switzerland, Taiwan, Tunisia, Yemen, North Korea, Iran, USA, Indonesia, Venezuela, Vietnam, Lesotho, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Ghana, Egypt, Russia, San Marino, South Africa, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, and Kenya. Additionally, since the European Union regulations limit the provision of the bonus programs, EU residents can not participate in the campaign.

The account can be used for trading for 60 days since registering on the platform. After the expiration of the period, the account will be closed, trading will be disabled and the clients will have 14 additional days in order to claim any profit earned through trading on the account. Only one welcome account is permitted for a single user. If the broker encounters the use of the same IP address for the welcome account twice, Tickmill reserves the right to block the welcome account. Expert Advisors (EAs) are not allowed on the welcome account. Furthermore, hedging trading positions internally to avoid market risk is considered as a breach of the terms and conditions of the bonus program.

Withdrawal of Profits

Initial no deposit bonus cannot be withdrawn or transferred to another account of the trader. It is for trading purposes only. However, the profits generated from trading with the bonus money can be transferred from the Welcome account to the real trading account of the user. The minimum amount for the transfer is 30 USD and the maximum limit is 100 USD. The request for the transfer should be made either online through the Welcome Account or sent by email to [email protected]. Only one request for the transfer can be made per client.

In order to claim the profit, the users have to register a Client Area account with exactly the same valid information including personal details, email addresses and etc. The verification of the personal details is required for registering a real trading account which means that traders have to present the photocopy of the identification documents. Afterward, clients need to set up a live trading account on MetaTrader 4 platform and activate the account with a minimum deposit of 100 USD or equivalent in other base currencies.

After the request for transferring the funds from the welcome account to a real trading account is approved, the profit amount of the bonus will automatically be credited to the balance of the live trading account. The balance can be withdrawn at any point through any of the available withdrawal options within the Client Area.

How to Register for the Bonus

Registration for the welcome bonus of 30 USD is relatively easy. The users have to visit an official website of the Tickmill broker and look for the webpage called Promotions. Under the Promotions page, you should choose a 30 USD welcome bonus. On the page, there will be a registration form available for the bonus. Make Sure to provide valid data about yourself, otherwise, during the verification process, you will be disqualified from claiming the profits made during trading with the bonus amount.

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  • Enter your first and last names as they are provided in your official identification documents (such as ID, passport, or driver’s license)
  • Fill in the correct email address and reconfirm it. Make sure that the address is valid since you will be receiving your login credentials on the email address that you indicate during the registration process.
  • Set your date of birth and once again double-check it so that it matches the data provided in your supporting official documents
  • Choose your country of residence correctly. The verification process will also require documents proving your residential address.
  • The account type is automatically set to Pro. You cannot change the account type.
  • Choose your leverage level according to your trading strategy or trading style. The leverage can go up to 1:500 maximum.
  • Agree to the Tickmill Ltd Privacy Policy and submit the registration form

Immediately after completing the registration, you should receive an email from Tickmill Ltd. Within the email your login details and further instructions will be indicated on how to activate your welcome account. Follow the instructions and you are all set up!


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